When Technology Causes Misery

2 Posted by - March 7, 2014 - Radhanath Swami


Progress in science, medicine and technology can be extremely beneficial as long as we utilize them with a proper perspective. But if we lose that foundational perspective of our real values in life and our very spiritual basis, what happens? We just need more and more.

People have computers and cell phones. But as soon as a new model comes out, they are in misery. “This one isn’t any good any more. I have to have the new one. It has another feature.” This is the whole consumer mentality where the mantra is – you will be happy the more you are expert at consuming.

If we have a quality life of inner substance, we could use this technology. It should not be that technology uses us. This is the secret of happiness. Are we dependent on technology? Or are we utilizing technology for a higher purpose?

–      Radhanath Swami