Balance – the key to success

0 Posted by - January 20, 2014 - Radhanath Swami


Yesterday when I was looking out of the window, I saw different kinds of birds flying. The little birds were flapping their wings so hard, but they could not fly too high. And flying higher than these birds I saw a hawk who hardly flapped his wings; he was just floating. How does he do that? By balancing. No wind, high or low, could disturb him because he had learned that art of balancing. Looked like the hawk was not doing anything, while the small birds seemed to be working so hard. Why? Because the small birds were not able to balance like that big hawk.

And this is the secret of success: a balanced life. Sometimes you want to go so much into spiritual life that family life gets neglected, and your career starts collapsing; that is unsustainable. Sometimes you go so much into your career – every moment means working towards promotion, towards more money and more power – that your family suffers, your spiritual life becomes nil. And sometimes you just immerse into doing things for family that spiritually and economically things are collapsing. Satsang is where we come together to actually become inspired to balance our lives in such a way that we are on the path to liberation, to perfection, to pure love of God.

-Radhanath Swami