Radhanath Swami



Radhanath Swami, author of the famous book  The Journey Home, is a spiritualist practicing monk hood for more than four decades. Radhanath Swami travels across the globe with his simple, sweet and realized message to inspire people to accept spirituality in their lives.

Radhanath Swami left his home when he was eighteen and hitch-hiked to India in search of God. In India Today he found his Guru, A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami, who inspired him to live a life centered on love of God and other principles that support it. By strictly following the instructions of his Guru Radhanath Swami himself became a great inspiration for many people to accept the same teachings and change their lives for good. He traveled a lot and inspired people by his cooking classes, his amazing story-telling, Kirtan and personal conduct.

In Mumbai, India, at Radha Gopinath temple, Radhanath Swami inspired thousands of youth to take up the practice of Krishna consciousness and now there is an awe-inspiring spiritual community that has emerged here. This community has more than 200 monks and another thousands of families who live lives centered on spiritual principles. Thus, the members of this community have been to live simple and pure lives with convenient enough resources and good enough contribution to the society.

The community has come up several projects to connect with society. BhaktiVedanta Hospital is one of the project which apart from the community is helping people across different socio-economic classes in health and related areas. They are actively conducting eye camps, dental camps and they participated in relief camps at Badrinath and Nepal also. Annamrita is a food relief chain which supplies free food to more than 1 million underprivileged children across Mumbai. Govardhan Eco Village is a community inspired by him where people practice eco-centered living. ISKCON Youth services is a wing inspired by him to connect young people to spiritual life-style. One of their highlights are festivals named Prerna and Chetana for young boys and girls respectively.

There is a need for the science of Krishna in human society for all the suffering humanity of the world, and Radhanath Swami keeps traveling requesting the leading personalities of all the nations to take to this science for their own good, for the good of society, and for the good of all the people of the world.”