Spirituality doesn’t de-motivate

0 Posted by - August 7, 2013 - Radhanath Swami


Some people think that if a person becomes spiritual, he or she becomes de-motivated; but it’s just the opposite.

A mother’s love for a child – what profits is she getting from it? A mother is 24 hours a day in service, especially when the child is small. What is the motivation behind her staying up all night when the baby is sick? I know mothers who didn’t sleep for days and days because of the difficulties that the children were having. It’s love.

A business person, a politician, an educator, whatever we may be or want to be, if we are motivated by compassion and love, when we see all the sufferings of this world, we understand from our heart we are all one family, we are all God’s children. And therefore we will be motivated to make a difference through our character, through our integrity, and through our efforts.

Radhanath Swami