Never give up

0 Posted by - May 9, 2013 - Radhanath Swami

The Bible says, “Seek and you shall find.” If you have hope in any situation and you are looking for service, there will be an opportunity of service revealed to you. If you are looking for reason to give up your faith, you will find that too. As you approach the Lord, he reciprocates accordingly. If you take full shelter of the Lord, the Lord gives you himself in full. If you take partial shelter of the Lord, he partially helps and leaves the rest to you.

If we are sincerely trying to take shelter of God’s message, God will give us unlimited hope and unlimited faith in due course. But if we do not have that hope and faith, and we continue with the same sincerity, God sees that we are genuine, we are for real. It is called the dark night of the soul. If you are practicing but you are feeling no love, even you feel your faith waning, but if you carry on practicing, that’s the price of divine love.

Currently the love for God in our heart is very external and shallow. We have to sincerely long for that love, and we have to act in such a way that no matter what happens, we are faithful. Then only we experience God’s love, and then there is infinite hope and infinite faith, and we become fearless.

Radhanath Swami