Radhanath Swami about Tuning into the right frequency

0 Posted by - October 21, 2012 - Radhanath Swami


Everything that happens in the world sends out vibrations into the cosmos. Every word a person speaks, every thought a person thinks, and every action a person performs is creating a vibration. The world is simply filled with all these vibrations; they are all like different channels and each and every one of us are like antennas. We are simply transmitting and receiving these vibrations. This is factual.

According to what you tune your consciousness into, that is the vibration you are going to be influenced by, because every vibration is everywhere. There is a saying: show me who you associate with and I will tell you who you are. Association moulds a person’s character. This is so essential.

Some people, wherever they go in the world, they see hope, they see opportunities, according to the program stations that their consciousness is tuned into. If you are tuned into the business channel, then everywhere you go, you will be thinking in terms of how you could make money there. I have talked to business people. Wherever they go, even if they are on vacation, they are thinking in terms of how they could exploit the situation and use the situation to make profit. For myself there is no way I could think on these terms. That’s why I dress like this ( in saffron robes). I am just not tuned in.

Some people are tuned into various passions and they are just looking for an object to feel some sensual gratification from it. A terrorist is tuned into a different station altogether. Wherever he goes, he thinks of very fanatical conception of how to achieve his goal.  A saintly person who is tuned into the love of God, he or she is seeing God everywhere. Seeing every living being as a part of God, as a child of God. Such a person feels unconditional love for every living entity because he sees everyone in relationship to his or her beloved Lord, simply because he or she is tuned into that original nature of his or her own soul.

– Radhanath Swami