Radhanath Swami on Humility

1 Posted by - August 15, 2015 - Radhanath Swami

Humility is a natural symptom of those who love God.
– Radhanath Swami

  • amit

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful principle.

  • Keshav Kishor Das

    No wonder that the Holy Bible says…., “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth “.

    • Piyush Singh

      Very well said. I also remembered the same.

      • Keshav Kishor Das

        Thank You Piyushji. Also, Maharaj very often quotes Lord Chaitanya’s shikshastakam text Trinadapi Sunichena…… and emphasize us to be as humble as a blade of grass……!
        You might have observed this definitely….!

  • Sumit Sharma


  • CS Sandeep S. Shinde

    Very nice quote. Thank you very much.

  • Anand Patil

    Very deep and profound quote. I think this is a great measure of a great & saintly person. People are after magicians and cheaters thinking they are God. But if you measure them on this scale, they will fall flat. Thank you maharaj.

  • CS Sandeep S. Shinde

    Wonderful quote. Thank you very much.