Radhanath Swami on ecstasy of God’s love

2 Posted by - January 12, 2015 - Radhanath Swami

To feel the inherent ecstasy of God’s love within ourselves is our true nature and to try to find happiness without tasting that love is like a fish trying to find happiness on the sand of the seashore.

– Radhanath Swami

  • Piyush Singh

    The picture shown with this quote is so saddening, numerous fishes are dying in the sand and that too when they are so close to the wast amount of water i.e. their life. Unfortunately, the same is the case with most of us these days, in so called advanced civilization. We all are in process of dying in the sand of material enjoyment while Krishna (our eternal life force) is waiting for us sitting right in our heart. All we need to do is to chant his names sincerely. HH Radhanath Swami is motivating us here to aspire to connect to our true nature.

    • Sanjiv

      Yes and when try to find a solution without approaching Krishna, we get more caught up in the web of material complexities

  • vidya karekar

    aptly depicted thru the picture the position of conditioned soul without love for Krsna

  • biswajit

    Nice Quote

  • Sumit Sharma

    Wonderful quote from HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

  • Sanjiv

    Most of the people in the world live like wish out of water..

  • Raju K Mewada

    Absolutely true and we can find many examples in our own life. I am thinking that I will be happy if I can have a good house. But after getting it again I feel still it is not sufficient to give me happiness. So I want more. And no end of such foolishness. So true happiness is only in serving the Lord and completely dependent on his will and desire. Let us try to learn it and try to become more God dependent and try to be happy by becoming a true servant. Thank you for sharing such deep thought and guiding us.

    • Piyush Singh

      Very apt comment.

  • Kalpana Kulkarni

    Very true! Very powerful and inspiring quote.

  • Kishore

    Such a apt photo with the quote!!!