Learning from the ocean

0 Posted by - December 23, 2012 - Radhanath Swami


During the monsoon rains a puddle of water gets bigger and bigger, and during the dry season the puddle of water dries to nothing. It is very much affected by the rains. But whether it is the dry season or the monsoon, the ocean remains the same. What is the difference? The puddle has no depth! Therefore it’s completely affected by its environment and the circumstances. But the ocean in its own self has such depth! On the surface it is affected by the monsoons, but deep down it’s not affected at all. It neither grows bigger nor smaller.

Yes, on the surface we have to deal with the things in this world, but if we don’t have much spiritual depth, it really can elate us or devastate us with anxiety, misery and worry. But a person who finds that spiritual depth, who uncovers the truth within, deals with the things on the surface, but nothing can change that fulfilment; nothing can change that meaning, that love that is within.

  • Aishwarya

    Maybe that’s why oceans are so undisturbed!!

  • Abhinav

    That’s why true spiritual personalities are equipoised in both happiness and distress, honour and dishonour as they are experiencing the depths of Spiritual fulfillment within.

  • Sumit Sharma

    Bhagwad Geeta also encourages everyone to be as deep/profound as the ocean. Only those who are deep in heart can tolerate the negatives situations in their lives. Thank you Radhanath Swami for sharing this lesson.

  • Vinay Jain

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for sharing this deep message!

  • Anil Timbe

    Radhanath Swami is so nicely describing the need to grow deep in our spiritual life with beautiful analogy of ocean. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jitendra Pardeshi

    Great saints can see, learn and teach us from the things of this world. Thank you Radhanath Swami Maharaj for the spiritual depth we should learn from the ocean. This is also confirmed by Lord Krishna in BG 2.71 apuryamanam achala…..

  • Yateen

    This is very true. In the time of difficulty, unless we are deep inside our spiritual practices, we are shaken completely. Sometimes due to lack of the depth in spiritual practices, even a small problem becomes big. But if we are deep in our spiritual practice, even a big problem becomes small. Radhanath Swami’s life is an example of this. One can read it from his famous book Journey Home.
    Many thanks!

  • Vidya Patham

    Thank you Radhanath Swami for sharing such a beautiful analogy from your personal example on how to posses spiritual depth.

  • Kiran Kulkarni

    Analogy of occean tells how to be balance in our very life what ever may happens we have to be equiposed. thanks maharaj for this wonderu lcorrelation

  • Ravi Garg

    Beautiful use of analogy….thanks Swamiji

  • anashree


  • Vicky

    what a deep knowledge! So comforting !